1 ago. 2012

Hi guys! sorry for not being very active these months, but I have a good notice to announce! I´ll be the artist of the second number of the gay comic Lost Kingdom!! written and created by Javi Cuho. Maybe some of you have already read the number one, if not, what are you waiting for?! You can have more information about this comic in the Class Comic website [link] . So hopefully soon you will be reading the second number written by the great Javi Cuho and drawn by me :)

I´m so excited!!!

29 jun. 2012

A little of hardcore

Hey guys! long time no see! well, i did these illustrations to illustrate a friends expositions, well hope you like them and comment!!

21 abr. 2012

Jackson (Strange Lore)

Hey guys, i want to share with you a recently character design, his name is Jackson, he is one of the lead characters of an upcoming gay supernatural graphic novel called Strange Lore, written by Victor Kereny.

For more information about hiring me to create your characters just let me know to jaxintoart@gmail.com.

23 feb. 2012

Jaxinto now on TUMBLR

Hey guys! i just create an account on Tumblr, i would like to have friends to share stuff! :) Hope to see someone of you on Tumblr.

20 feb. 2012

Keric and Mauricio (Humbuged fan art)

I would like to dedicate this piece to Humbuged, his art inspirate me more than he knows :)
Keric is one of the hottest characters on the net, so i want to give shape to one of one my fantasies and draw my beloved Mauricio being fucked by this elf stallion...

Hope you like it Humbuged!

If you don´t know his incredible work here are some links:


31 ene. 2012


Hi everybody, i introduce myself (again) i´m a mexican base artist, and my name is Jaxinto

My goal and dream is to be an erotic-gay-comic-artist... 

I came out of the closet "artistically" speaking in 2010, and since that year i have been developing my gay erotic art.

i love to draw beatiful boys, specially with sexy eyebrows.. I really enjoy to read your messages every morning, i feel very happy with all your comments and "favorites", i really thank you for step in my account. You make my day...

One of the things i really enjoy since i start uploading my art, is to meet great people around the world! so if you feel it, you can add me as a friend on facebook, just type jaxinto.myth!

Again thanks for step by and encouraging me to be better everyday!

23 ene. 2012

Just one kiss would make it better...

Hi again! thanks for your visit to my blog!

Well im fighting my lazyness and uploading a new pic, im returning to my used way to coloring and inks. Well hope you like it and comment!

see you soon!

luv u all!

14 ene. 2012

Gambit, fan art

This is my second favorite male member of the xmen, do you want to know who is my first? soon i will post it!