23 ene. 2011

Time traveler

Hi there! i had a great time doing this, i was trying to get a comic color effect feeling and i think i achieve it, it was hard to me to find where to put the shadows and lights, usually i cast shadow and light during the paint process, but with this technique you need to be precise... but well, im satisfied with the result so hope you like it :)

15 ene. 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok, ok, i know is a little bit late, but i wish u all a happy new year! I promise to upload art more often!! even when ill be top of work... so to conmemorate another year, i want to introduce you another  character of mine, his name is Roberto, but his friends call him Bobby, he is the coprotagonist along with Mauricio from my upcoming comic that i hope this year see the light at least!

So happy reading and good saturday!