22 nov. 2011

Ezio y Leonardo

Hola a todos, como han estado? bueno luego de las multiples responsabilidades del trabajo, he podido terminar una pic de una pareja que me gusta mucho, Ezio y Leonardo, espero que les guste y comenten un poco, siempre es bueno escuchar lo que tienen que decir!

Saludos a todos y vuelvan pronto!

4 nov. 2011

This is a fanart of Joshua, for more information about this cool character visit: http://ouatcomics.blogspot.com/
Hope you like it :)

17 oct. 2011

Hola amigos, luego de un buen rato de no subir nada me ha agarrado la nostalgia por la infacia perdida jaja. Aquí les dejo uno de mis heroes favoritos de todos los tiempos, ya lo deben conocer. Espero les guste.

17 jul. 2011

Junkyard Angels

Well after many time, i thought my blog was banned! well anyway i hope it don´t, so i can continue posting here!

So here is my last production, a little pinup for the Junkyard Angels Comics. They are Bobby and Jason.

If you want to know more about this gay sci fi comic, here is the link: http://doorq.com/2011/04/02/junkyard-angels-chapter-10/

5 mar. 2011

Impossible love

Hi everybody! I start drawing with an idea in my mind, i always want to draw a pair of elfs! but it was until now that i push myself into it! In my mind they are from rival kingdoms thats why their love is impossible, maybe in their world love between person of the same sex is something normal, the problem is the white elfs always have been enemies from the wood elfs from immemorial time, well i dont know, maybe it´s only a excuse to draw long ears jeje, also i want to give a little of love to my gallery.

Hope you like it! :)

27 feb. 2011

See you in the woods..

Hola amigos, me di cuenta que en mi blog habia mucho sexo jaja, por eso decidi darle un toque de romance y amor, espero les guste!

Hi guys, i noticed that my blog was plaged with a lot fo sex! shock! so i decide to spice it up with a little romance and love before this month ends, so hope you like it!

20 feb. 2011


Bueno, uno antes de salir a cenar! espero que les guste y descansen para empezar bien la semana!


Un Rapidin

Bueno, un rapidin para el fin de semana, ojalá que les guste, ahora me dispongo a dibujar algo bonito pero no se que, solo sé que quiero, no, necesito dibujar un chico guapo! alguna sugerencia?

8 feb. 2011

Monsieur Butterfly

Hola a todos, bueno espero que la esten pasando bien, solamente queria compartir con ustedes esta nueva illust del fin de semana!


23 ene. 2011

Time traveler

Hi there! i had a great time doing this, i was trying to get a comic color effect feeling and i think i achieve it, it was hard to me to find where to put the shadows and lights, usually i cast shadow and light during the paint process, but with this technique you need to be precise... but well, im satisfied with the result so hope you like it :)

15 ene. 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok, ok, i know is a little bit late, but i wish u all a happy new year! I promise to upload art more often!! even when ill be top of work... so to conmemorate another year, i want to introduce you another  character of mine, his name is Roberto, but his friends call him Bobby, he is the coprotagonist along with Mauricio from my upcoming comic that i hope this year see the light at least!

So happy reading and good saturday!